BeeBee Wraps – The beautiful reusable Beeswax Food Wraps

As you may of seen in previous posts, I attempted to make my own food wraps, it didn’t go to well. Ek!

But all is not lost, I approached BeeBee Wraps and asked if I could review their beautiful wraps, to help me in my journey to Zero-Waste (ZW for short).

They were delivered really quickly and in recyclable packaging which is a bonus!

The BeeBee Wraps are made from organic cotton and are infused with beeswax and plant oils. I found this combination made the Wraps easy to shape, once I got the hang of making sure I had warm hands. They also come in some beautiful designs and size’s. Next on my list is the extra large one for £16 and if you spend over £50 you will get free delivery. There are only 4 products available but 5 designs which are both child friendly and adult friendly, so multipurpose.

I found they do take a little while to get used to, especially from going from using cling film to something more natural and gentler on nature.

BeeBee Wraps are good for using over bowls, wrapping up sandwhiches for packed lunches and wrapping up cakes. They can also be used in the fridge and they do go a bit harder. It is advised not to use with raw meat and avoid cooking with.

I am going to be seeing how the wraps do with wrapping homemade butter over the next few day’s also. I’m sure they will do very well. So do keep a eye on my Instagram and My new Facebook page for updates on this, also feel free to give me a like.

To clean the instructions say to use cold water, and if needed use mild soap. I have not yet needed to use mild soap as they clean really well with cold water. To dry just hang naturally and they dry really quickly!

The Wrap has also been sent to pre-school with Miss E!

You do need to refresh them every couple of months and this is so easy to do, just pop them in the oven at 130C for a max one minute, and hold aloft until dry which will take up to 30 seconds!

The wrap’s if well cared for can last up to 12 months, but I’m sure if you use less often through out the year they may last a bit longer and here is the best bit… well obviously the rest is also the best bit but bare with me here… to dispose you can just pop on the compost!

But wait What do I do if I don’t have a compost… I am of to speak to the neighbours to see if I can get a communal compost in the communal garden… wish me luck!


A Kent Mum