Cloth Sainatry Towels by The Moon Angel

I was very lucky to be able to review some cloth sanitary towels and panty liners made by  The Moon Angel.

I have to say I was very wary about switching to reusable as I was sure it would be much harder work than using disposable pads.

But I was very surprised to find, they were great!

The designs are pretty and carefully made.

To use you need to give them a wash and not to use fabric conditioner  , which is easy for me now since we have stopped using fabric conditioner. If you use fabric conditioner they aren’t as absorbent. They have now been washed a few times and the colours are still vibrant and they still feel very soft to touch.

I brought myself a little wash bag to put them in for out and about as I had a heavy period, but since I have switched, my periods are lighter and are shorter. I don’t get cramps (which I rarely did but now they have seemed to have stopped totally!)

During the time of the month I just pop them in a bucket in the bathroom, and wash with washing powder at 60 degrees, and they dry really quickly.

I was worried about night time and leaking, as they don’t stick to clothing. But I shouldn’t have worried they are very secure with the popper and didn’t move, but I think I would prefer a few a bit longer just for night time.

On average a women spends in her life time £18,000 on products. Cloth pads cost from as little as £6 per pad, If you buy enough for your period a month say you buy 8 for £8 each that’s £64 pounds, and the cloth pads will last a long time say 5 years so £64 divides by 5 means your period a year would cost £12.50. Where over 5 years your spending (say top end brands) £3.99 for 12 months and times by 5 years comes to £239.40p which would be a saving of £175.40 Over 5 years.

I understand that its a high cost to pay out at first but over 5 years you would of saved over £150!!!!!

If your still unsure did you know it takes up to 100 years or if not more to decompose!

The only down side I can think f is going on holiday, I’m not 100% confident about taking them away with me, so I will be using up my current stash of disposable pads, I have already donated a couple of boxes on to my local women’s refuge.

For more information on The Moon angel pop over to her Facebook page The Moon Angel.


A Kent Mum