First go at Beeswax wraps

In the journey to be Zero Waste or ZW for short. I have been looking at options for food wraps, which aren’t cling film or foil especially for little items of food such as homemade biscuits.
The search lead me to beeswax wraps which can sell from £7 upwards.
I thought I would make my own, I still had a bit of money left on my Hobbycraft gift voucher so me and Little Miss E took a trip there whilst Little Mr A was at school.

We found some lovely 100% cotton fabric with bees on, very adapt if I do say so myself.
I ordered 5 beeswax bars from amazon for £2, which arrived yesterday.
So off we go and pay for 1 meter of fabric, well 1 meter 30 centimetres to be exact as it was the end of the roll, and paintbrushes £1.
The first thing to do is to measure the amount of fabric you need, and use pinking shires to cut. (I must invest in some!)
Place the fabric on to some parchment, I didn’t have any so it went straight on to the baking tray.
Then great the beeswax over the fabric, and popped into the oven at 200c for 5 minutes.

For some reason, when I took it out the white backing of the fabric looked like it was burnt. Maybe it was because I didn’t use the parchment paper.

Once out before it cools rub the brush over to make sure all the wax is spread out, and hang to dry.

Once dry or cooled use as you wish…


A Kent Mum