Historic Dockyard in Canterbury – Summer 2018

I have heard so many postive things about the Historic Dockyards IN Canterbury from the local mums group I am on.

So when i found out kids went for £1 I’ve the summer and under 5’s go free I thought why not?!

We live only 38 minutes away (can you tell I got that of Google maps?) And even though Master A wasn’t impressed at first abiut going. He came along (well he had no choice)

We took our own home made lunch with our water bottles. Okay we did have a bag of crisps which weren’t very zero waste. I need to find a alternative to this pretty quickly!

Historic Dockyards when we arrived it was empty, the carpark under the shelter was empty, the over flow carpark was empty. I was starting to think why have I brought my two here, and what on earth are the mums on my local facebook page on about.

Once we got in there was ladies dressed up to take bookings for the submarine, ropes, science show and something else (yes I kind of lost attention after she mentioned science show)

We booked the submarine and the science show which had 30 minutes of craft before hand.

Our first stop was the submarine which the children loved. Climbing through port holes and up and down narrow steep stairs.

So much to look at and a great insight to what a submarine actually does and how they are laid out.

It was a very quick tour of 15 minutes… and yes I was starting to see the attraction to why so many people loved it!

Out next stop was the science show. The first half was craft which was good but oh my goodness the amount of plastic which was used I wasn’t impressed.

The next half was the show and wow!! There was a few plastic things like a recycling bag and ballons but the show was amazing. The audience really good involved.


t was a shame they didn’t highlight the fact it can take ballons 100 years if not more to break down even then they aren’t totally broken down.

Helium was also used, which to be honest is also in short supply.

The rest if the day was spent watching a puppet show, climbing on boats visiting the play parks and of course eating lunch.

There is a cafe there called the Wagon which has a small size soft play and you can take your own lunch in. Even that didn’t feel packed. There wasn’t many recycling facilities around the site, which was a shame.

The day went so quickly we didn’t see half of it on the first visit so we went back two days later!

Oh and they also do call the midwife tours until October At a additonal cost.






Disclaimer- I was not asked to review the Historic Dockyards of chatham. This is all my own views.