Honour Your Flow- Resuable Make-Up Wipes

Many People I know use wet wipes for removing their make-up, instead of using make-up remover wipes. What if I told you there was another way? What if this way didn’t take up to 100 years or even longer to break down in to landfill?

If this doesn’t shock you, what about the thought of 50% of the wipes end up in the sea and on land, making a environmental impact. This has increased since  2014 by 50%. 93% end up in the sewer system as many people flush wipes. our sewer system is built for wipes to be flushed even if they say they are.

Wet wipes are notorious for their impact on sewer systems, but the impact on ecosystems is also a concern. There are only seven species of Turtles and Five of these Species still visit the UK. Turtles often mistake plastic bags and Wipes as their natural jellyfish prey.  

When I approached Honour Your Flow (HYF) for a product review to help reduce my household waste. HYF sent me some beautiful Make-up wipes. I choose to contact HYF as reading up about them on the website they are a small team of ladies who work around their families and the founder of Honour Your flow try’s to make any decision she makes an ethical one.  Honour your flow is also a UK based company, which for me is a bonus, as I try to support UK businesses as much as I possibly can.

The delivery was very quick and the packaging was fully recyclable which was a bonus!

HYF make-up wipes are made from scraps of 100% cotton material and they are really soft to touch.

I will admit I have been using baby wipes to remove my make up, they have been going into the bin, but using these lovely soft make-up wipes is certainly easier than hunting for the pack of baby wipes. Plus they are so pretty!

The make-up wipes are easy to care for, they wash at 60 degrees, the make-up cloths go into a little wash bag which is provided with the set which costs £8. I have put the make-up wipes in the washing machine a few times already, as I only wear make-up once, maybe twice a week and they wash up like new! 

I have used the wipes with just water, with LUSH facial scrub and of course my toner (which I’m using still even though the bottle isn’t recyclable!) and they work really well with all of them. Especially just water.

Prices start from £1.25 and go up to £8. Honour Your Flow also sell Cloth Sanitary towels, Me Luna menstrual cups, breast pads, organic cotton tampons just to name a few of their lovely products.

So why not take a peek at the website for all the fantastic products at great prices!


A Kent Mum