Let’s Make Home Made Crayons

Okay not technically home made but redone woyld be the better word.

I don’t know about you but little Miss E and Master A, have lots of little bits of used crayons in their drawing box.
With my journey on zero waste this also includes saving money, and everyone who knows me well knows I love to shop!

So here it goes, I head to google to check the oven temperature to melt the wax, don’t laugh but i tried microwaving them first that’s certainly a no go!

Anyway, before I carry on I missed the most inportant bit!

First of get some silicon cake cases, put the broken bits of crayon into the cases, I just made red, blue and green but you could get really creative here if you wanted to.

Then pop in the oven (temp 180) for 5 to 10 minutes, do keep a eye as every oven is different.

Once done leave to cool and hey presto, new crayons for the little ones to enjoy!

I will be speaking to little Miss E nursery and seeing if I can remake crayons for them as they take so they can save some money.


A Kent mum