Let’s talk fluoride and Lush – Toothy Tabs

I was brought up to question many things, do my own research and be open to other people’s views and options. After seeing some posts on Facebook about Fluoride, I thought I would have a read up, especially as I was looking for a Zero-Waste toothpaste and wanted to know all my options.

The search started about finding more out about fluoride the Good and the bad, but I thought I would share the few facts which I never knew about fluoride and how it can effect not just our teeth but our bodies as well, and then I promise I will get on to the review!

Fluoride is found naturally all over the world, in food, soil, water and minerals,  but more and more recently fluoride is being added to bottled water, tap water and even tooth paste. Fluoride is on the periodic table which is from fluorine. Too much fluoride can cause Skeletal fluorosis which can lead to weakness in bones. It is also unsafe for those with chronic kidney diseases. It can also lower the IQ of children.
It could also have adverse effects on thyroids.  Fluoride consumption can disrupt and alter the function of the thyroid by accumulating in the gland.

There have been no safety tests to the use of fluoride, also fluoride is known as a neurotoxin which can cause tooth decay, it can also cause acceleration in puberty.

and last but not least Sodium Fluoride is the main ingredients which is used in Rat poison.

To reducing packaging, I thought I would try Lush Toothy Tabs -Dirty. There are four different types of toothy tabs to choose from which is great.

They are made with Dicalcium Phosphate Anhydrous Sodium Bicarbonate Cream of Tartar Sorbitol Lauroyl Sarcosine Kaolin Spearmint Oil Neroli Oil Sodium Saccharin *Limonene *Linalool Flavour and not one ounce of fluoride in sight.

So after finding out the fact’s above I decided  to cut out fluoride in whilst brushing our teeth, we started of using The Green People fluoride free toothpaste, the only down side is that the packaging isn’t very waste free. When I was browsing Lush Bluewater, I came across a section which had lot’s of different types of toothy tabs, These are small circles which you pop into your mouth and chew slightly to create a foamy substance which when you brush your teeth will leave your mouth feeling very fresh. I have already noticed the difference from swapping fluoride free, my teeth look a bit more whiter, the tooth ache I had has vanished very quickly, and my mouth feels fresher.

I am very pleased with the results, after looking into more options I have found Lush UK also do a Mouthwash Tab, tooth powder, these are next on my list.

The packaging is in a small plastic bottle but this can be taken back to store for them to recycle and reuse, another reason to pop in and have a peek!

I am starting to get a addiction to Lush products!


A Kent Mum



Disclaimer – I have not been asked by Lush to review this product and I have brought this product myself. But if Lush would like to send me a product or too I wouldn’t say no.