Snow Day’s In Kent 2018

It has been snowing In Kent, and most of the UK, I won’t lie being Zero-Waste is so much harder when the children are at home.

They constantly eat, they don’t stop, seriously, and there not even teenagers yet. I may need to re mortgage at this rate!

Everything they want seems to come in non recyclable packaging, they don’t like the homemade cheese scones, but the pitta bread are okay but only with hummus which guess what we don’t have.

I suggest making cake’s as they are bored, nope they don’t want to make cakes, or tidy their rooms or go for a walk… can you see how my day is going?

We have lot’s of craft stuff and yes lot’s of glitter, I try and hide the glitter that doesn’t work, they catch me.

Miss E is now back in the kitchen asking for food, we did a brief food shop this morning, luckily for the essentials which obviously Miss E isn’t keen on, as the bananas are too green for her liking.

Any way Back to Zero-Waste, how can we be Zero Waste over snow day’s?

Let’s talk sledges! Even though plastic sledges are cheap and easy to get hold of, If possible try and buy wooden, they will last ages if carefully looked after.

We have two plastic one’s which we brought last year, which we hardly used, so this year we are using them again.

Glove’s and Wellie boots, to me Wellie boots are a essential item, especially as we live within 5 minutes walk of woodland and fields, they do come in handy. Next year I am thinking of investing into proper snow boots especially as we are aiming to head to Lapland for December 2019.

I have now started buying waterproofs in a size bigger so they last and poor Master A seems to be getting green or red colours so I can pass on to Miss E, which is money saving in the long run.

Ice scrappers, they come in plastic, the de ice spray comes in a can or a plastic spray bottle, which isn’t eco-friendly. I know use a CD case which does the job fine, whilst I am scrapping the windows I turn the car on so it starts to heat up.

Gritting, many people shovel ice and snow away from the paths, which in hindsight I do see the logic but if the path’s aren’t gritted properly it causes the paths to become very icy, unless you have put some grit down or salt. Salt can come in cardboard boxes which is a bonus!

The idea for me for Zero-Waste is to cut down on the one use plastics we use such as shampoo bottles, food containers.

I think that cover’s it for a while, unless I think of something else to add later.

If you have Snow enjoy it!


A Kent Mum