Unboxed – Canterbury, Kent

A little while ago. Myself and the children took a little trip to Canterbury.

We had a lovely wonder around the town, the children loved the fact that Canterbury has such a mix of old and new.

They loved walking through the narrow paths and passed the river.

We of course popped into Lush, but that isn’t all we did. We visited a place Called Unboxed.

It’s a very little shop hidden away in the back streets.

It sells products which are eco friendly, and fair trade.

Most importantly it lives up to its name, Unboxed. Many of the food items did not come covered in plastic containers.

You can take your own containers too, but as this wasn’t a planned visit I didn’t have anything for the goodies to go in, to be fair we were at Wingham Wildlife Park to start off with.

Anyway, there were paper bags for produce to go into for those people who forgot or who even didn’t bring enough containers.

The children loved the fact that they could pour the pasta, chocolate buttons themselfs.

Unfortunately for us Unboxed is up to 50 minutes drive away so it’s not possible to go to weekly. We have to be going that way to make the most of the shop.

Hopefully soon there will be a shop simialr to this near me….






Disclaimer- two of these images where shared via to lovely ladies on my Kent Journey to Zero waste facebook page. I was not asked to review Unboxed this is my personal view and experiences.