Eden Project – Cornwall Easter 2018

The Eden Project was first thought about in 1995 maybe even before then, and it first opened its doors in 2001 to visitors.  The Eden project is a very environmentally friendly charity project, There is so much going on behind the scenes from saving water, reducing their waste and how they compost it to pest control. The Eden project is currently raising funds for a Geothermal Power Plant which just won’t help the Project but the surrounding areas. They are also building a hotel on site, and have a ethical buying system in place and not forgetting their international projects which take place in many areas around the world.

We were lucky enough to visit the Eden Project in Cornwall over Easter. This isn’t the first time I have been to the Eden Project I first went pre-children when it was just a pit in the ground and there was a lot of digging and the structures of the Biomes were starting to take place.

I then came back a few years later when the Biomes were open to the public.

I will be using the word Biomes quite a bit but what does it actually mean, it means a very large ecological area which is on the Earths surface, which has plants and animals which adapt to their environment. It is not a ecosystem even though it may seem like it.

This year was so much better than the previous years in terms of the planets in the Biomes. They were really full of life and the plants have really grown well, you would think you were actually in the Rainforest or the Mediterranean, as you can hardly see the Biomes once you are inside.

When you walk into the Biomes there is a clock room, a smoothie bar and there is also little restaurant which is in the Mediterranean Biome and a small gift shop. There are two separate Biomes one is the Mediterranean which was much cooler than the Rainforest, and had lovely little areas to view and the plants which were there were beautiful, many were just coming out to flower. There were a few areas which didn’t have a display but to be honest the space was so small you wouldn’t even of noticed it.

My favourite one is the Rainforest Biome, especially on my journey to waste free, it was very informative for the children to find out that yes the Rainforest is being destroyed daily and how we can help reduce the amount of destruction we as humans are causing to the planet.

It also got us all talking a lot about where our fruit comes from, and the children loved seeing the bananas and coco tree in the Rainforest. It also got us talking about what is Fair Trade and how it benefits the sellers of coco beans, coffee beans and of course bananas! Don’t get me wrong this conversation has happened a few times but actually seeing bananas on trees and coco beans growing really helped emperies  the issue. So much so I am now only allowed to buy fair trade or the children won’t eat it. (I was buying fair trade before anyway!)

There were lots of things for the children to explore and the children loved going over the Rainforest canopy, we didn’t go right up to the top as the queue was fairly long, and to be honest it was very high up!! We will defiantly have a go when the children are a bit bigger!

Around the grounds the plants were just coming out, but they were very tidy and well looked after. There was a giant bee and a lovely relaxing water garden. I could of stayed there all day.


As we went over Easter there were lots of activities going on for the children, which were all good fun and suited all age groups from the little ones to the older ones and many encouraged working in a team.

I’m sure we didn’t see all of the Eden Project on the outside as it was quite big, but there was a little road train to get you from the top to the bottom.

All the staff were very approachable and very helpful even with my children’s random questions.

The gift shop…. WOW… there was so much choice to choose from. There was a lovely collection of books, natural wooden musical instruments (I kept the children away from this due to the long drive home on the Monday!) a wide variety of local produce, pocket money toys and last but not least a selection of Bamboo products.

We didn’t eat at the Eden Project as we brought a packed lunch with us but the food smelt and looked really good and the prices weren’t too bad either, but when we go again we will not hesitate to eat at the Eden project.

I was also very impressed with their recycling system they had in place. There were lot’s of recycling points around the Project.

There is so much to see here and so much to do I really can not wait to come back, maybe I will wait until the Eden Hotel is up and running in 2020!


A Kent Mum