A Day Out At Marwell Zoo

It is the last day of the February half term! I Have survived just!

I won’t lie, the half term has been a challenge to avoid single use  plastic. Day trips seem to consist of throw away plates, cutlery and disposable coffee cups and lets not forget the fruit shoots and snack wrappers!

Many companies need to start helping the environment,  Especially to help the prevention of plastics getting into the environment and the oceans.

We went to Marwell Wildlife Zoo Today, and It was lovely to see all the animals, even though they should be in the wild, but due to humans poaching and causing destruction to their habitats , many Zoo’s work closely to  help the animals survive and hopefully return them to their natural habitats.

Marwell Zoo has a lovey little Train, which we didn’t go on as I personally thought £2.50 per person was a bit much, unless I read that wrong and it was just for the adults! There is also a lovely little land train which goes around the Zoo with various stops through out which is great for little legs and totally free!

There are many play area’s too and a wide choice of animals, the Tropical house is on the move so there wasn’t many animals to see but as of March they will be in their new Tropical House.

The height of all the animals were great for children to see and you could get very close to the penguins, which was lovely. But did have to remind the children it was a wild animal!

There were lots of recycling bins about, and the site was very clean and tidy.

We didn’t eat so can’t really comment on the amount of plastic in the restaurant, as we took our own packed lunch,  but I did see  lot’s of disposable cups and white bags with clear plastic fronts. Which I’m sure a brown bag would of been fine.

A lot of people took their own lunches, there are  lovely indoor and outdoor picnic areas which are very clean and many are near the play areas.

The Zoo is very reasonably priced, £50 for a family of 2 adults and 2 children.

The gift shop has a great choice, and I hardly saw plastic tat, but Master A managed to point it out!

There is a great selection of clothing and recycled good’s we brought Miss E a elephant packed lunch bag, which is made from 90% plastic bottles, which was a great price!

We would certainly go again and If hubs comes I will make sure he takes his own cup, as I don’t drink hot drinks!


A Kent Mum x