Wingham Wildlife Park (WWP) – Canterbury, Kent

The otehr day we visited Wingham Wildlife Park. We have recently re-signed up to our yearly membership which costs as little as £120 For a family of 4. Which is great value especially as last year we went practically every week rain or shine. So for me and the children its a great day out and costs very little once we have paid for our yearly membership.

We love it here, there is so much to do fron the playground to the dinosaur trail.

They also have a butterfly house, a reptail house and a bat cave. There is also a soft play and two seprate cafe/restraunts.One being in the soft play. There is also plenty of space for you to bring your own picnic.

Many of the animals have been rescued or have been bread in captivity. The two lazy lions where rescued from a circus.

Wingham wildlife park is also expanding. They currently have the only pair of moon bears in the UK. They are beautiful. There is a display with a cage where children and adults can climb in and see what it would be like as a moon bear to be living in those conditions.

Wingham wildlife park has a brand new area called Rainforest SOS. It is still being constructed at the moment but they have a very important display which reflects the dangers of extinsion of animals. Did you know there was a Owl called the Laughing Owl? No me neither . It certainly goes to show what deforestation and changes to a habiat can do to a animal. The time is now to wake up and start acting to protect the animals we do have now from becoming wiped out and only to be seen in books or photos.

The signs around the park are full of intresting but educational facts. The zoo its self is medium size so great for those people with children who aren’t keen on walking too far. It is also very buggy and wheelchair friendly which is a great bonus!

I am currently sitting in soft play and it’s packed! It is problay because it is raining and everyone has come indoors.

The queues for food and drink are quite long, and I personally think the food is fairly expensive for what it is. There isn’t many healthy options to choose from other than sandwhiches and jacket potatoes.

Most of the meals are burgers, sausages, chicken nuggets and chips. Which taste really cheap, the chips how ever taste nice but for £2.50 the potions are very small.

There are also no recycling facilities, which is a shame and the restraunts tend to serve up most of the food in paper trays depending on what you have ordered. The soft play restraunts happily refilled both Miss E and Master A water bottles so that is a bonus!!!

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Disclaimer- I was not asked to review and these are all my own words and thoughts