Ladies Is It Almost The Time Of The Month? Let’s Have A Talk….

This is one thing many ladies use, we get through roughly 20-22 disposable sanitary towels and tampons during each cycle, this is costing women roughly £18,450 for their life time.

£18,450 could buy a new car, deposit to a house or flat, a few nice holidays and nice clothes, depending on your financial situation.

The £18,450 doesn’t just include buying Add to sanitary towels and tampons, it also includes buying pain relief, chocolate, new underwear and magazines.

45 billion sanitary towels are thrown away each year, and they are difficult to recycle because of the chemicals in them.  Or each women if they used tampons would use 11 ,000 in her life time.

I have learnt something recently, that disposable sanitary towels contain plastic, they also contain toxic substances from the petrochemical industry. Many contain Bleach, chemical   fragrances and pesticides. These are not mentioned on any packaging as they are classed as a medical product. The products are also taxable which many believe is unfair, as for women having a menstrual cycle is 100% natural. There have been many petitions both in the UK AND USA to get companies to disclose what is going into these products and also to lower the tax or even scrap the tax.

It never crossed my mind where the waste from sanitary towels and tampons go, did you know Tampons shouldn’t actually be flushed down the toilet?  Neither did I until the lovely gentleman mentioned it when he was unblocking the close’s drains for the 3rd time! He mentioned they all eventually start blocking the water way’s some where down the line.  Tampons keep absorbing water so they end up very thick be time they end up clogging the system. I think the quote below is for America but I found it very informative and maybe the UK should start to follow.

 The Water Industries Act 1991 – Before this law was passed, it was a popular trait to see sanitary waste flushed down the toilet. This is because disposal units were more commonly found in the shared washroom area – a trend that is hard to imagine in society today! – No sanitary dressings should be flushed that could have the potential to cause blockages in the sewer or drain or cause major plumbing problems.

It takes 800 years for a sanitary towel to decompose and unfortunately I couldn’t find any information on how long a tampon would take, but at a guess I would say around the same amount of time.

Now let’s talk about the advantages of switching to reusable sanitary towels and menstrual caps and what they are.

What are reusable sanitary towels?

Reusable sanitary towels are cotton and bamboo towels, which clip up, they come in many design’s, shapes and thicknesses. You can use these as liners, and also after when you have had a baby. They can be washed and washed again.

What are Menstrual cups?

These are little silicon cups which get emptied out.  There are many companies which make these such as Mooncup, organicup and Ruby cups, I have yet to try but they are really easy to use and they can go up to 12 hours without being emptied.

Why make the switch?

According to many ladies switching to reusable has made a big difference. Their menstrual cramps have got less, infections and skin rashes have reduced or have gone since making the switch.

Reusable products are much healthier for you and the environment. They will save you a lot of money. Even though they seem expensive to buy especially sanitary towels in the long term this will defiantly reduce your costs and reduce the waste going into the landfill.

So why not find a local independent person who makes reusable sainatry towels or a local company which stock reusable menstrual cups near you and give it ago!

One company who makes and sells cloth pads is The Patchwork Angel, she has kindly allowed me to use her images for this post. Her website is 



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