PLASTIC – Why should we stop using it?

Okay, You may have guessed I am getting very anti-plastic.

If you haven’t already seen it, a must watch is Blue Planet. It shows the effect of what plastic is doing to our environment.

Also Plastic Whale. I know I am repeating myself here but they very educational and a right eye opener, to what plastic has been doing to the world since it was invented in 1907. In the 1930’s there was a lot of synthetic plastics and by 1948 Tupperware was launched.

In 1948 this was certainly helpful for the women of 1948.

Since 1948, plastic has certainly has come a long way. Our cleaning products come in one use plastic spray bottles and many of these can not be recycled due to the chemicals which have been used in them. We have Black polyester meat tray’s these can not be broken down easily nor can they be recycled. These are all one use products.

Many people now relay on cuppa soups, pot noodles and quick ready meals which all contain plastic or mix materials which can not be recycled.

Many councils do not have the capability to recycled many plastics so they just go into landfill.

Do you see where I am going here?

Just because it say’s it can be recycled and we put it into the recycling bag, it could mean it won’t be recycled.

I was discussing on  a Facebook page called Reduce Your Supermarket Spend    which is run by Skint dad,    and many people seem unware that plastic can only be recycled a certain number of times, that also many plastics can not be recycled at all. To be honest cutting out one use plastic and bulk cooking meals has saved me money!

It annoys me to think that many people think just because it say’s it can be recycled it doesn’t necessary mean it is recycled!

We all need to educate ourselves into what one use plastic is doing for the environment and how we can help change our way’s.

I have recently been watching Back In Time for Tea and it has certainly been a real eye opener on how people lived, how they used products and certainty how food produce was brought and stored.

I am not saying let’s go back in time to the 1940’s or even before or after I am just saying we can certainly learn a lot from those eras and how they used little packaging for their food and how many people especially during the war grew their own vegetables. (I kill herbs so don’t think growing veg would go down well, do you?)

Any way as I was saying we could learn a lot from older generations, on how things were done.

So let’s start asking questions to our local councils, let’s start buying more eco-friendly products and products which come in less one use plastics as much as we possibly can.

It may not seem like it will make a difference but with a approx. 93,00-236,000 metric tons is in the environment  .  

We really need to stop the use of one use plastics!!!


A Kent Mum