Two months on from China stopping Plastic Import…..

It became world news on the 1st January 2018 that China was stopping the import of foreign plastics. This has had a knock on effect around the globe, not just in the UK but also other countries such as India and America.

Since 2012 we have shipped a staggering 2.7 tonnes of plastic waste to China and Hong Kong.

Since January, the government has said they are planning to reduce UK’s plastic waste by 2042, this is 25 years away. The Lib dem’s are saying this is too long but luckily saying this many UK Companies are already pledging to cut down their plastic waste with in the next 5 years.

Ms May, The MP, has said she is going to put a tax on single use items such as disposable coffee cups and take away boxes.

The Scottish government are hoping to plan to return the deposit return scheme this will hopefully be for plastic and glass bottles, as well as aluminium cans.

Many members of the UK have joined facebook groups such as Journey to Zero Waste UK  and  Kent’s journey to Zero-Waste.   There are many other groups all over the world and country starting up, there are great tips and hints too!

But more importantly Iceland have pledged to be plastic free within 5 years and also Ryanair is planning to go plastic free on their flights.

Milk man with glass bottles are making a return to the streets, and more people are now opting to buy package free fruit and vegetables.

Hopefully in time many more people will go plastic free.

If you have not yet seen or heard of the Plastic Whale, I suggest you have a look. It is fascinating , very sad and a real eye opener!


A Kent Mum