We are now Mid-Way through Febuary 2018!!!!

I thought I would do a quick outline of what has been happening since January 2018.

I won’t lie, going Zero-Waste certainly is challenging, but it has been a busy couple of months already. I have been lucky enough to review some amazing products, I have also been interviewed by the local press  .

I have made some really easy changes but I am also still making changes.

So I am going to talk to you about the easy changes I have made in the last 6 weeks. I promise they are easy even a 4 year old can do them!

Number 1 – I swapped my plastic shampoo and conditioners for bars.

There are lot’s of companies which make lovely shampoo bars and conditioner bars, the last few weeks I have been using Honey I washed my hair and New which are both from Lush. Myself and the children use them 3 maybe 4 times a week and they still don’t look like they have been used!

Number 2 – Bubble Bath

Okay I have another confession I love my bubble baths, the children love their bubble baths too, We usually get through 2 maybe three bottles of bubble bath a month! Yes a month! Since we switched to Lush Bubble Bar it is a lot better we are still on our first bar, and the bar is used twice every day.

Number 3 – Books!

We are bookworms in this household, unfortantry it is currently hard to get to the library as the local one shuts at 4pm, and parking isn’t very good and we only go up to town every other week and that is usually to the market, the bank and the charity shops. Parking is expensive where we are, but the children now love going into charity shops, to have a look at the books and the toys.

Number 4- Loose Fruit and Veg

Go to the market/ supermarket and buy loose. The market is much cheaper than the supermarket for loose products but I understand getting to a market isn’t always practical or easy to do.

There are lot’s of companies which provide fruit and veg boxes to your door but they could be a bit more expensive. Work out what is best for you and your family.

Number 5 – Pasta and Rice

Buy in a box or buy the biggest bag you can find. Okay I know buying the biggest bag is plastic but in the long run a larger bag will last you a lot longer than 2 medium size bags or 4 smaller bags.  This can also go for buying meat, cheese and yogurts.

Number 6 – Milk in Glass bottles

Now let’s go back in time to when EVERYONE had milk in glass bottles. Now I will tell you a secret… many people are going back to glass bottles how amazing is that!

Now other changes I have made are baking cakes, biscuits and cooking from scratch and bigger potions so we eat the next day or even freeze which has reduced our food waste.

There is still lot’s to change but we will get there slowly… oh did I mention I have managed to find chocolate in foil and cardboard?

So why not give it ago, simple changes can make a big difference especially on your wallet or purse!


A Kent Mum