Where It All Began

Did you see the last Blue Planet 2? David Attenborough showed the effects of what plastic is doing to the environment, especially the oceans.  This is causing animals in the sea to eat and absorb the toxins and then passed throughout the food chain. As the Plastic breaks down into the ocean it also relseases potentially toxic chemicals such as Bisphenol A (BPA) which can also end up in the food chain.
There is currently 5 to 13 million metric tons of plastic in the ocean, for each one metric ton of plastic means that there is 2,205 pounds of plastic in the sea.

The waste comes not just from us, but from people over 30 miles away.
Bail has recently declared a Rubbish emergency as rising tides of plastic buries beaches, dispute a clean up operation which is in place. The workers are collecting 100 tons of junk each day, at the peak of the clean up operation. The islands government has said they will ban polythene bags by 2018 following a campaign  by two school girls, who also got a few celebrities involved including Australian Surfing champion Mick Fanning.

The River of Citarum, in China,  is the most polluted river in the world by local factory’s dumping their waste.
China has recently put a ban on receiving plastic waste. The ban started 1st January 2018,  Which means the UK is already starting to build up on plastic waste and urgent action is needed.  Before the ban the UK alone was shipping 500,000 tons of plastic to be recycled each year.
The ban has been a big part of becoming self sufficiency for the UK, this is in order to prevent environmentally contamination. It is very unlikely the UK can support the amount of plastic waste it produces each year.
I have started this blog to share Ideas and Tips on how to reduce your waste, how to use ingredients up you already have and some money saving tips.
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